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Published Writing
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Refining degrowth economics for and by artists and cultural mediators.

German version here

'If we want to move the discourse from sustainability towards an arts-led form of degrowth, it is not enough to make art on “environmental themes.”'

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'Reconsidering the Authentic'
(Vol. 5, July 2018)
print only

Untangling the authenticity fixation and the politics of homogeneity in the context of San Francisco Italian and Italian-American restaurants.

'In the food world, the word “authentic” has become both a charged touchstone and a term mostly emptied of recognizable meaning.'


''Three Greens, Three Cities:
An Italian Diary'

Kitchen Work
(Winter 2023, Volume 8)

print only

A personal cartography of Italian vegetables, from Naples and Rome to Florence over 15 years. 

'On a symbolic level, ordering the friarielli feels like an acknowledgement of my love for this city.'


'The Tipping Point: Charcuterie and Social Change in Napa'
Kitchen Work
(Summer 2018, Volume 4)

print only

Can a new food venture from two young chefs survive without investment funding, and become a catalyzing force in their community?

'The current reality is that most chefs at higher-end restaurants can’t afford to eat where they work.'


'A Table for Six'
Kitchen Work 

(Summer 2021, Volume 7)
print only

Quarantine and fleeting human connection in pandemic Montréal.

'For months, I ate three meals a day alone, sitting at a table with five empty chairs lined up around its edges.'


What can change in four months for a homeless man who's given a chance with his first steady job in years? 

In collaboration with Farming Hope.


Italian and French to English translations, with a focus on artisanal food and wine.

Books, catalogues, websites, marketing copy.


'The Chefs' Tongues' 
(Le Lingue degli Chef)

Book translation (250 pages), featuring recipes and  stories of Italian chefs, with an introduction by Oscar Farinetti (founder and CEO of Eataly). Available at Eataly stores and from the Mario Fongo website.

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Italian to English translations for food and wine sector

Translations and consulting on Anglo-American marketing materials for Italian producers, since 2016. Clients include: Gattullo, Mario Fongo, Oliveri, Tenuta Margherita, Levi Prosciutto. (Photo courtesy Castiglioni Design)

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'Land of  (no) Borders'
(Terre di [non] Confine)

Book (120 pages) tracing the history of the Roeno/Von Blumen winemaking family from Trentino-Alto Adige. (Photo by Paolo Castiglioni)

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Dal Vo' al Po'
(From the Vo' to the Po) , 2023

Translation for the photography book Dal Vo' al Po ('From the Vo' to the Po') by Paolo Castiglioni (2023, Edizione Zerotre).

Performance / Curation

Bringing interdisciplinary performances into heritage spaces.

Cultural mediation/translation between artists, cultural institutions, and the public.


Dramaturgy and Research Residency
Fondation Royaumont (France)
August 2021

Month-long residency at Royaumont, conducting research as part of my EHESS dissertation work and serving as a dramaturg for an international group of choreographers and composers, including Kamilya Jubran, Elia Praderio, and Julien Carlier for 4 site-specific creations

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Research and Curatorial Support to Choreographers of Indian Classical/Contemporary Dance

Following research for my 2021 dissertation, whose case study centered on Indian and Indian diaspora dancer/choreographers, I've been working to bring these artists to French and Italian venues for performances and workshops.

(Photo credit: Vijayaraj PS)

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