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 About me

I’m a writer, translator, and curator based in Italy. I grew up in the American Northeast and Midwest, and have called London, Lyon, Montréal, and Naples home.

In my curatorial work I bring interdisciplinary creations (particularly dance, music, and visual arts) into heritage spaces, and help provide cross-cultural translation between artists, cultural institutions, and the public. I’m passionate about acting as a linguistic and cultural bridge between Francophone, Italian, and Anglophone performance spheres.


I recently completed an EU-funded Masters in Heritage Studies at EHESS Paris / ELTE Budapest, which included a research & dramaturgy residency at the Fondation Royaumont (France). My academic research investigates the relationship between authenticity and intolerance in the context of intangible cultural heritage. 


In my client work, I have consulted for international and education-focused social enterprises, and with Californian and European food and wine clients. Published translations include French-to-English exhibition catalogues and Italian-to-English commercial work (websites, print material, books). I have also served as a live Italian-English interpreter.


As of January 2023, I am a visiting editor & curator for the UK-based charity / think-tank Perspectiva.


Send me a message at leigh [dot] biddlecome [at] gmail.

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